Barry Juma

Barry loves cars, always has, and so learning how to repair them came naturally to him. All the little bits and pieces; how they come together to work in total cohesion is fascinating. His love for auto repair and his passion for writing unite in this website, where he shares his knowledge with the world by writing informative reviews and guides that will be of help to someone.​

2007 Toyota 4runner Guide

2007 Toyota 4runner Guide: Should You Consider It?

The Toyota 4Runner’s 4th generation, which ran from 2003 to 2009, was (and still is) considered the best generation of the 4Runner. The 2007 model sits squarely in this generation, and it’s a testament to the vehicle’s offroading capabilities and Toyota’s reputation for reliability.  If you’re thinking about getting the 2007 4Runner, you’ve chosen wisely, …

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