Jeep Commander Accessories Guide: My Favorite Accessories

Jeep Commander was a 3-row seater SUV that stayed in production from 2005 till 2010. It still can be seen on roads from average to stellar condition. When it comes to the parts for Jeep Commander, one of the things to consider is the availability of parts for the vehicle. We have viewed quite a few venues here and would like to share them with you.

The two main categories the parts for any vehicle can be sorted in are:

  • OEM Parts
  • Aftermarket Parts


OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM parts manufacturer is the same as the Original Equipment manufacturer. But the original part is only referred to only those parts installed on the vehicle when it leaves the assembly line.

The vehicle owners who want their vehicle in the original specs go for OEM Parts. This strategy allows for better resale among prospective buyers who prefer cars in their stock form. OEM parts can be easily found for pretty much any vehicle on the road from Amazon and eBay.

One grave concern could be counterfeit parts on portals like Amazon and eBay sold as OEM parts. This problem can be dealt with by reading the reviews of previous buyers of OEM parts. Another factor to consider is the rating of the seller. If the rating is high and the reviews are positive, buying parts from such sellers is safe.


If OEM parts are not what you are looking for, there is a wide variety of aftermarket parts to suit your needs. Many vehicle owners modify their cars for performance or aesthetics and sometimes blend both. Most of the performance and aesthetic modifications are done using aftermarket parts.

If the need is to look for cheaper options instead of OEM parts, the aftermarket parts are a great option. So aftermarket parts can be a great choice in two areas if you need parts similar to OEM parts at an affordable price. Two, if the need is to enhance the looks or performance of the vehicle.

In a Nutshell

The OEM parts will be more expensive than Aftermarket parts if both parts are of the same quality. On the other hand, a modified offroading setup of the Jeep Commander will undoubtedly be more expensive than OEM parts. 

A good idea is to read the details of the parts you are looking to purchase to see if they will fit right on your vehicle.

jeep face

Regular Maintenance and Normal Wear and Tear Items

Cleaning And Detailing

A clean vehicle is well maintained, as we all know. Owners who are not taking care of their vehicles rarely keep them clean. There are various ways in which the vehicle’s look can be maintained and retained. One of them is keeping the vehicles clean, which will keep the body rust-free.

Two Bucket Method

The best way to wash your vehicle is by using a two-bucket method. One bucket should be prepared for rinsing and cleaning the wash mitt, and one bucket with a clean solution of soap and water. The key difference between a DIY wash and going to a car wash is the detail in which the DIY is superior to the car wash.

In the two-bucket method, one bucket is filled with a clean mixture of water and soap while the other bucket has a grit guard at the bottom of the bucket filled with water. Apply the foam to the paint once the wash mitt is soaked with foam from the first bucket. It will collect all dirt and grit from the paint surface. Now rinse it in the second bucket with the grit guard to let go of the accumulated granules. Rinse the mitt in the first bucket again to continue washing.

This process will keep the vehicle’s paint free from scratches and swirl marks. Another detail to consider is the top to bottom washing technique. Always start at the top of the car and continue downwards. It will ensure that the dirt granules are picked up from the top. And they will not make their way down to the paint on the lower portions of the car. It will eliminate the chances of scratching the paint even further.

Wax And Polish

Waxing and polishing keep the paint in a healthier condition while preventing rust. One of the most popular waxes available is Carnuba based wax. You can use polishers to bring a beautiful wet look to the paint while using Carnuba waxes. It will add UV protection to the paint of the vehicle as well.

The polishers are available both as rotary and dual-action. Both are good for polishing, but professional detailers use dual-action polishers. For DIY, a regular rotary polisher is good enough.


WD-40 is a world-renowned chemical mixture that offers excellent rust protection and keeps moving parts rust-free. Once the vehicle is washed and waxed, it is good to apply WD-40 on the bottom parts of the car. It will add a layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

Cleaning a car

Buying a Used Jeep Commander

An essential tip in looking for a used Jeep Commander is to look for a well-maintained and clean vehicle. If the car looks clean, it also translates to a well-kept and well-maintained vehicle. The chances are that vehicles that appear less than tidy are also not maintained to a suitable degree.

Always look for rust in the joints and crevices of the vehicle’s body, as that will reveal quite a bit about the vehicle. Furthermore, the weld points need to be intact as any anomaly in weld points can indicate a collision the car could have suffered in the past.

Engine Oil

The engine oil needs to be changed for any vehicle to run smoothly. Most vehicles whose owners don’t bother much about the engine oil end up reducing the vehicle’s life. The engine runs less than smoothly and causes the vehicle’s body to vibrate after extended lack of attention to engine oil.

Most manufacturers add the engine oil specifications in the owner’s manuals for their vehicles. It is good to know the grade of engine oil that suits your vehicle to ensure engine life longevity. It further means that timely change of engine oil will keep the engine running environment standardized.

When the oil is changed regularly, it keeps the engine part rotating and moving in clean grease. Not changing the engine oil causes more friction and parts to wear faster. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the engine oil is changed regularly to ensure its running environment stays as close to standard as possible.

If massive loads are being towed, it is advised to change the engine oil at or less than 4000 miles. Sounds less, but the engine’s work while towing is also immense. Without towing, a suitable benchmark for an oil change is at or before 7000 miles. 


As we know, the vehicles have moving parts and thus require quite a bit of lubrication to stay in good shape. These could range from gear oil to brake oil to greasing of various components and so on. If the lubricants are not changed at prescribed time/miles intervals, there is a chance of rattling and vibration from the vehicle. It is a significant cause of reduction in vehicle life. 

Another note is that lubricants are not made on a general formula. The engine oil has a different manufacturing technique than gear oil. Hence only the designated type of oil should be used for its purpose. Engine oils can’t be used as gear oils as they will do more harm than good.


Coolants are primarily used in radiators to keep the car running at a specific temperature. In hotter climates, the radiators dry faster than in colder regions. It is good to always use coolants mixed with water for the radiators. Jeep Commander uses a HOAD (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) Anti-freeze for the radiators.

The HOAD Anti-Freeze should not be mixed with other coolant types. Mixing will cause leaks and plugging of the radiator and sometimes also of the heater core. It is always a good idea to use it as it is. It is easy to identify these as they come in either Yellow or Orange colors. It can last for up to 30,000 miles before turning too acidic necessitating replacement.

In case you would like to change to a different type of coolant, then it should be:

  • High-quality ethylene glycol-based coolants
  • Non-silicate, non-nitrite, non-borate, and non-amine
  • Long-lasting Hybrid Organic Acid Technology

Air Filters

Air filters keep the engine life in check while ensuring optimal performance from the engine. In case these are neglected, the fuel consumption will worsen while also leading to engine noises and dirt accumulation in the system. Ensure that you go for the absolute best in this area with zero compromises. 

air filter


There have been situations where buyers settled for less and encountered the following problems:

  • Bad fuel consumption
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • The smell of gas from the exhaust

Because of these problems – it is best to use top-quality air filters.

OEM Air Filter

The manufacturers have their engineers design the most suitable air filters for their vehicles. A safe bet is to always go for the OEM air filters. There is less to be worried about in this case. OEM filters are readily available from auto-parts resellers. These will keep your vehicle running in optimal condition.

Better than OEM/ K&N Filter

If more performance is what you are looking for, consider the K&N cold air intake system. On the one hand, the surface area of the air filter is larger than OEM air filters. This allows for better filtration. Secondly, the intake can be positioned so that instead of the hot air, cold air can be injected into the system. It allows for more horsepower on top of being better than OEM filters.

If you haven’t searched for them in the past, here is the link where you can find these from.


For the 3.7-liter and 4.7-liter engines, Jeep recommends a minimum octane rating of 87. It will offer the best fuel economy for the 3.7-liter or 4.7-liter engines of the Jeep Commander. In case you have the 5.7-liter variant, the recommended fuel type by Jeep is one with a minimum octane rating of 89. 

Vehicles with the Flex-fuel badge can also run on E-85 ethanol-based fuel. Jeep Commander offers only the 4.7-liter variant with a Flex-fuel compatible engine. Therefore, one should refrain from using E-85 in the 3.7-liter and 5.7-liter engines of Jeep Commander.


Brake Fluid

It is advisable only to use the manufacturer’s recommended brake fluid. Jeep recommends Mopart DOT 3 Brake Fluid, SAE J1703 for the Jeep Commander. After brake fluids, the most critical component of the braking system is the brake pads.

Brake Pads

The brake pads are the primary braking force applicators to the discs/drums of the braking system. The brake pads wear out after a few thousand miles and need to be replaced with new ones. It ensures optimal braking power at all times. In case your vehicle is used for towing, this process accelerates. 

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the usage of your vehicle to determine how soon the brake pads should be replaced. As a general rule, if the vehicle is carrying more weight, the brake pads will not last long. It is really up to the vehicle’s driver to know when to replace them, given the vehicle’s usage scenario.

The OEM brake pads for Jeep Commander can be bought from this link. There are aftermarket brake pads also available for Jeep Commander. These can be found on Amazon from this link

A key factor to consider here will be fitment. Usually, the aftermarket pad doesn’t fit that well. OEM brake pads are made by the same manufacturer who supplies the automaker. It causes fewer fitment issues. A good idea is to always opt for OEM brake pads. If you want to switch to aftermarket ones, you might experience wobbling and varied brake force over time.

brake pads

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors, when worn out, cause the vehicle to shake and vibrate under heaving braking. It is a clear indication that the rotors need replacement. A good idea is to replace the rotors and the brake pads simultaneously. Not doing so can lead to braking problems, and one should avoid this under all circumstances.

Since the Jeep Commander went out of production in 2010, it is tough to locate OEM rotors for its brakes. But that’s nothing to worry about. You can still find the aftermarket parts from various aftermarket manufacturers of brake rotors. You can follow this link to look for aftermarket brake rotors for the Jeep Commander.

This kit has both the rotors, and the Ceramic brake pads included. There will not be any fitment issues if the entire setup is changed. 


The suspension on Jeep Commander can be either maintained with OEM parts or replaced with aftermarket options. It is heavily dependent on the suspension’s condition. A rattly ride or numb steering is an indication that it is time for suspension work. There are different functions that one can derive from different suspension types.

A very frequently used modification is the coil-over suspension kit. It is particularly useful to raise the vehicle’s ride height by three or more inches. It gives an added benefit of higher ground clearance with better off-road capability. Fox and Bilstein is a renowned name in the aftermarket suspension manufacturers and highly sought after.

A usual trend in SUV owners is to swap out the bad suspension instead of getting it repaired. The sole reason for this is that once the ride quality of a certain setup is lost, it is immensely tough to bring it back. The only option is to replace the entire setup to retain an OEM-like or better ride quality.


The bumpers of any vehicle are the area most likely to receive impacts. No matter how hard a driver tries, the likelihood of bumpers receiving scratches and dents is fairly high. There are different ways to protect a vehicle’s bumpers. Some automakers offer bumper guards as standard, and some offer them as optional. 

Another option is to look for aftermarket bumpers to go with your vehicle. There are added benefits of aftermarket bumpers. These can have hitch receivers, light housings, rear tire mounts, bicycle racks, etc. Some also have spaces to install parking sensors, which add to driving ease.

Offroading Modifications and Towing Jeep Commander Accessories

Leveling Kits

Supreme Suspensions

If the objective is to raise the vehicle height on a budget, then this is for you. The leveling kits don’t offer as high a raise as a coil-over. But it certainly has its potential. One can easily manage a ride height increase between 1-2.5 inches with leveling kits. These are essentially spacers that can be installed both front and back.

Amazon has quite a few leveling kits available for Jeep Commander. You can use this link to look at one of our picks. Like other aftermarket parts, leveling kits also have their set of advantages. We will take a look at these benefits and discuss how the kits enhance the vehicle’s performance.

For a start, these make the Jeep Commander look more aggressive. You can also create room for bigger tires by adding height to the vehicle. It improves ride quality and vehicle control. Driving in snow also becomes easier with leveling kits installed. 

By increasing the vehicle height, one can also add protection for the underside of the vehicle. These kits also help protect the exhaust systems from damage and decrease maintenance costs. 

Lift Kits

maXpeedingrods 3

Lift kits offer the same purpose essentially as the leveling kits. They help increase the vehicle’s ride height with lift kits; however, the room for increasing the height is more than the leveling kits. One may raise the vehicle height by more than 6 inches in some cases.

For Jeep Commander, there are some lift kits available on Amazon that offer up to 3 inches increase in ride height. Rough Country manufactures these to the best industry standards. 

Hitch Receiver and Hitch

Reese 44748 Class III-IV Custom-Fit Hitch

The Jeep Commander offers towing capability by default. The 3.7-liter variant can tow up to 3500 lbs. The 4.7-liter is designed for towing up to 6500 lbs. Lastly, the 5.7-liter variant is suitable for towing up to 7200 lbs. With such towing potential, it is advised to always have the right towing set up for your vehicle.

One must always go for the receiver that offers to tow more than the vehicle’s recommended towing weight. In this case, for the 3.7-liter variant, one must look for hitch receivers with a load capacity of more than 3500 lbs and so forth. Reese 44748 is one great option available on Amazon and can tow up to 8000 lbs. It means it is a good fit for all variants of Jeep Commander.

Aftermarket Bumper Covers

Evan-Fischer Rear Bumper Cover Compatible with 2006-2010 Jeep Commander Primed with Trailer Hitch Holes

The Jeep Commander’s aftermarket parts are very easy to find. For instance, the aftermarket rear bumpers are available all over the internet. This Evan Fischer rear bumper cover primed with trailer hitch holes is a great example. It is the rear bumper for Jeep Commander.

Evan Fischer also manufactures the front bumper covers for Jeep Commander. These come with standard fog-light spaces. These are also easily available on Amazon. Follow this link to purchase.

Skid Plates

Skid Plate For 05-07 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Skid plates are an offroading essential. To make sure the underside of your Jeep Commander stays in perfect position, one must use skid plates. Sometimes the skip plates assembly comes with lights installed. It can also be very useful if evening or night offroading is something you like. offers quite a few options for skid plates for Jeep Commander. TLAPS is a good name in this market. They offer skid plates for Jeep Commander as an aftermarket accessory.


vredestein pinza

The tires are the most crucial part of any vehicle. The only thing responsible for delivering acceleration and braking is a car’s tires. It is given that the tires need to be in their absolute best shape for a good ride. If they are worn out, the ride will lose all its quality. For Jeep Commander, the factory tire size is 245/65-17. offers various options for tires for the Jeep Commander. These start from $ 137.17 and go all the way up to $ 238.49, depending on the type. You can follow this link to check out the options available for Jeep Commander.

Appearance Modifications

There are hundreds of options for the SUV market when it comes to appearance modifications. From interior to exterior, there are a lot of options that one can choose from. We will start with lights first.

Lighting Modifications

There are lights available for all sides of an SUV—Front, rear, sides, roof-mounted, bumper-mounted, and so on. We will take a look at some of the options here.

Fog Lights


Fog lights can be easily installed on any SUV. These are great for foggy roads. The standard lights on Jeep Commander are suitable for everyday use, but foggy situations require specialized lights. These operate by spreading light farther on the road surface being mounted on the lower half of the front bumper. 

The driver can avoid the milky hue created by standard lights on any car by mounting these closer to the ground. It enhances the driver’s view by increasing the visibility of approaching conditions ahead. Things up close appear better with fog lights. You can follow this link to buy LED fog lights for your Jeep Commander.

LED Headlights

Fahren 9006

Jeep Commander comes standard with halogen bulbs but not LED headlights. It is proven with tests; LED headlights offer better visibility compared to halogen bulbs. Jeep Commander comes with the size 9005 for the headlights. You can follow this link to, where Fahren is offering these LED bulbs for Jeep Commander. 


Daytime Running Lamps are now a standard feature on cars. However, they are not standard on Jeep Commander as it was in production from 2005-2010. There are various options for DRLs available for Jeep Commander as an aftermarket accessory. These are available online from Amazon and eBay.


Innovited 9005 6000K HID Xenon Bulb

HIDs are high-intensity discharge lights that offer super intense lighting. These are a perfect solution for evening/night offroading enthusiasts. These are illegal in some states, so one has to be sure before installing HIDs. These are available on Amazon for as low as $ 39.99 for a pair. You can find these at this link.

Bar Lamps/LED Light Bars


With car buyers showing interest in SUVs over the last two decades, the aftermarket accessories for SUVs have also increased in number. For Jeep Commander, another such option is Bar Lights, also referred to as LED Light Bars. These come in various sizes and offer great visibility in low-light conditions.

Some of these are bumper mountable, and some are roof mountable. Their sizes range from as low as 6 inches in width to 52 inches. These lights deliver higher luminance and thus enhance night visibility by some margin. For Jeep Commander, these lights are available in various sizes and are both bumper and roof mountable.

There are many options available on for Bar Lamps and LED Light Bars for Jeep Commander. You can visit this link for more details and purchases.

Trunk Light/Hatch Work Lights

Nilight - 60001F-B

These lights are designed to give you suitable lighting when working, camping, etc. These are used primarily for the rear end of the vehicle. These lights can offer good working and camping lighting and make working and camping a breeze. For Jeep Commander, some options can be viewed at this link.

Passenger Lighting

All cars come equipped with some sort of interior lighting. Usually, this is a halogen lamp that emits a pale yellow light. Recently cars have been equipped with LED lights for the interior as well. Jeep Commander did not offer LED lights for the cabin, which can be fixed easily.

XtremeVision makes LED interior lights that will work great with Jeep Commander. There are very affordable solutions to halogen bulbs. These LED interior lights for Jeep Commander can be purchased from this link.


Question: Are Jeep Commander Parts Expensive?

Answer: It is a very important question since Jeep Commander is no longer in production. Like other cars that are not in production, it is a given that OEM parts are expensive. It also depends on the type of part one is looking for at the time of purchase. If cost is a concern, then the aftermarket parts will do just fine.

Generally, if a vehicle goes out of production, the production of OEM parts also halts. The same is the case with Jeep Commander. Depending on which part one is looking for, the prices can sometimes be quite exorbitant. But aftermarket parts are still available and are priced fairly.

Question: Are Jeep Commanders Expensive To Maintain?

Answer: Jeep Commanders are not very expensive to maintain. Although going out of production has caused spares’ prices to surge, one can easily maintain a Jeep Commander. The annual cost of maintaining a Jeep Commander is $639.00, which is lower than that of a Full-Size SUV that averages at about $784.00 annually.

Question: When Was Jeep Commander Discontinued?

Answer: The production of Jeep Commander came to a halt in 2010 as it was not that well received among the SUV lineups. Later on, Jeep Grand Cherokee carried its legacy and bestowed it upon the upcoming generations. However, the Jeep Commander is making its way back into the automotive industry, and we are expected to see the all-new Jeep Commander in 2022.

Final Thoughts

Jeep Commander is still seen on the roads. The owners still love the offroading potential of Jeep Commander. By the number of aftermarket Jeep Commander accessories available, it is easy to discern that this SUV is still very much in business.

Although there could be situations where OEM parts can be a challenge to find, and even if they are available, the prices can be high. It still hasn’t stopped the aftermarket accessory makers from offering great OEM alternatives. 

To save some money, we suggest looking at eBay for used and good condition refurbished parts for Jeep Commander. 


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