Best Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

The 7 Best Toyota Tundra Bed Mat Options

The Toyota Tundra is Toyota’s answer to the Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado. Powered by a sturdy 5.7 liter V8 married to a six-speed automatic and 4WD, the Tundra is the work truck for those that need to get the job done. Like any truck, however, hard work creates dents and scratches in the bed.

One way to prevent that is a bed mat. In this article, we’ll go over the best Toyota Tundra bed mat options, their pros and cons, and recommend one for you. Let’s get started.

02/18/2024 05:21 pm GMT

WeatherTech TechLiner

WeatherTech TechLiner Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

WeatherTech makes some of the best floor mats out there. They also happen to produce a bed mat liner for the Tundra. It is made out of heavy-duty elastomer, a type of combination rubber and plastic. This gives you both durability of hard plastic with the flexibility of heavy rubber; the best of both worlds.

A tailgate liner is also available to give maximum protection. The mat installs using a hook and loop system that utilizes existing holes in the bed, so no drilling is required. Not only that, it will fit under high-side liners as well, should you wish to line the bedsides too.

You will need to choose liners depending on the length of your truck bed, as the Tundra comes in 5’6, 6’6, and 8’2 bed lengths. Prices range from $225-$255 for a full set, depending on bed length.

Given that the mat is an elastomer, that means gasoline and other various solvents will take a heavy toll on it; be careful when hauling liquids. Other than that, however, the bed mat is very tough and will take anything you give it. 


  • Durable construction
  • Will fit any Tundra bed length
  • Resists both extreme heat and cold
  • Promotes water drainage


  • Expensive
  • Cannot withstand aggressive chemicals

WeatherTech TechLiner | Amazon

TechLiner is a custom-fit pickup truck bed and tailgate liner that protects and shields the truck bed against scratches, dents, paint damage, and rust. No drilling is required and will not crack or break in extreme temperatures.

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OEM Toyota Bed Mat

OEM Toyota Bed Mat

If the aftermarket is not your speed, Toyota sells OEM bed mats that can be installed at the dealer or by you if desired. There are no mounting hooks on the bed mat; it is designed to fit exactly to the bed contours.

Additionally, a ridged underside promotes airflow and water drainage to minimize rust. The mat itself is made from cord-enhanced rubber for greater durability and flexibility. It is a heavy-duty product; you will not need to replace it for a long time after purchasing.

At $120, the OEM Toyota bed mat is great value for money. It costs half the price of the WeatherTech equivalent and seems to match up in durability. You, of course, need to choose depending on your truck’s bed length. If you aren’t concerned with big-name brand products, consider the OEM Toyota bed mat. 


  • Competitive pricing
  • Heavy rubber construction means many years of use
  • Toyota branding guarantees high quality


  • Ridged Toyota logo in the center can make it tough to insert and remove objects
  • Cord-enhanced rubber is tough but has the potential to degrade over time

Rough Country

Rough Country Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

Rough Country makes a long line of durable, high-quality products for just about any truck. They also make bed mats for the Toyota Tundra. Constructed from 3/8 inch thick rubber with raised contours, the Rough Country mat is one of the best drop-in bed mats out there.  

Textured surfacing means your cargo won’t slip, and recycled materials make it environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it does not fit Tundras with drop-in bed liners; they change the shape of the bed too much. As it is, rubber, gasoline, and solvents will wreak havoc upon this liner.  

Unfortunately, this particular mat only fits Tundras with the 5’5 box, in addition to not fitting drop-in bed liners. While this is an issue, it should not be a deal-breaker if you have a Tundra with a 5’5 box. It is still a high-quality product despite its singular use case. Priced at $100, it is also good value for money. 


  • Textured surfacing for zero slip
  • 3/8 inch thick rubber means durability and extra truck protection
  • Competitively priced at $100


  • Only fits Tundras with the 5’5 box
  • Will not work with drop-in plastic bed liners
  • Gasoline and other solvents will degrade the liner quite quickly

Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat | Amazon

Keep your truck bed free from scuffs, scrapes, and scratches with Rough Country Truck Bed Mats.

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Dee Zee

Dee Zee Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

The Dee Zee mat may sound like a joke, but it is one of the best bed mats you can buy for a Tundra. 3/4 inch rubber construction guarantees durability, and rubber cleats secure cargo while ensuring water drainage. As a bonus, it will resist most chemical spills, like gasoline and other household solvents; however, it will not stand up to bleach very well.

You will need to purchase the mat depending on truck bed length; Dee Zee has options for every bed length of Tundra. It is a custom fit to account for any truck bed anomalies and ensure the best match. The mat is UV resistant to prevent fade, and it resists extreme cold easily. It also becomes a little tackier in direct sunlight to keep items stuck where they belong. 

Priced at just under $100, the Dee Zee bed mat is a great option if you need it. While it is not a big-name item, the quality is topnotch nonetheless. 


  • Resists most chemicals such as gasoline and household cleaner
  • Becomes tackier in direct sunlight for extra stick
  • Rubber knobs to secure cargo and drain water
  • Great price


  • Pretty much none

Dee Zee 86793 Bed Mat | Amazon

Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mats help prevent cargo from shifting and damaging your truck.

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Universal Mat

Universal Mat Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

If custom mats are not what you want, consider a universal bed mat. It comes in a length and width suitable for most pickup truck beds, and you cut it down to fit. The material is heavy-duty rubber; no-frills and 3.75-inch thick rubber mean nothing will get through it. 

Being as the mat is one long rectangle, some trimming will be required. This is best done by marking out the areas to trim and cutting them with a reciprocating saw or large jigsaw. Once that is complete, the liner should drop in nicely.  

Another alternative is to use old horse stall mats. Those are much cheaper used and weigh about 100 pounds, making them very heavy and durable. They will also need to be cut to size using a large saw, but they will last a very long time with no issues. The universal mat retails for $168, but as it will fit any truck with some trimming, this is a fair price. 


  • Using a universal mat means you can trim to desired length and width
  • An old horse mat is very tough and quite heavy; perfect for a work truck
  • 3/4 inch thick rubber means many years of bed protection


  • Trimming it yourself can lead to improper fit if done incorrectly
  • $145 price is on par with more custom bed mats that require zero trimming
  • Very heavy


BedRug Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

BedRug is a rug-like drop-in bed mat for the Toyota Tundra. The top covering is essentially an extremely tough carpet; the underside is standard rubber. This is useful if you frequently transport delicate items or use your Tundra as an overland camping rig. It can be used for work, but heavy loads of coarse material or aggressive chemicals would damage it. 

The BedRug mat also comes with a tailgate liner for added protection. Unfortunately, this kit will not work with factory plastic drop-in liners. The same goes for aftermarket drop-in liners; they change the contours of the bed too much. With trimming, it could be made to fit, but this is not advised.

The BedRug liner is great for those who do not use their Tundra as a heavy work truck. That avenue will damage the liner and eventually damage the truck bed as well. For hauling things like camping equipment, this liner is fine. However, for doing heavy work, look elsewhere. For $187, it is also expensive compared to more durable, cheaper competition.


  • Great for an overland camping rig
  • Comes with a tailgate liner for extra protection


  • Will not work with drop-in liners
  • Carpet top means it cannot handle coarse material like gravel or firewood
  • Expensive compared to the competition

BedRug Bed Mat | Amazon

The BedRug Mat is made to fit your specific make and model and will give you the look and feel of carpet in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product. 

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Westin Toyota Tundra Bed Mat

Westin produces many high-quality products, among which are Toyota Tundra bed mats. The mats are heat molded for a more precise fit-they should drop straight in with no fuss. At 3.75 inches thick, there is no worrying about protecting your truck bed.

The mat also features ridges to hold cargo and promote water drainage. Water drainage is crucial with bed mats and liners; if water does not drain properly, it can get under the mat and create rust spots over time. 

Westin makes mats for all Tundra bed lengths: 5’6, 6’6, and 8’2. They are also made from 100% recycled US materials and backed by a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. Price varies from $130 to $160 depending on bed length. While that may seem expensive, it is a fair price for a great product.


  • Will fit all Tundra bed lengths
  • Heat molded for precise fitment
  • Ridges to hold cargo and promote water drainage


  • Not resistant to solvents
  • Pricing of $130-160 can be prohibitive to some

Westin 50-6245 Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat | Amazon

Westin Truck Bed Mats are designed to line and protect your truck bed from damage typically caused by direct contact with cargo. 

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Question: I Want to Install a Universal Bed Mat. How Do I Make it Fit?

Answer: Mark the area you want to trim, then cut with a heavy-duty saw. The mat is very thick and needs a power saw to cut it cleanly, but after that, you will have a very durable mat for a great price.

Question: Can I Trim a Longer Bed Mat to Fit My Short Bed Tundra?

Answer: It is possible, but I would not recommend it. Dedicated bed mats have bends and dip to accommodate a certain length of the truck bed; trimming it will result in a mat that does not fit properly. You can do this with a universal bed mat, but I would not do it with a dedicated mat.

Question: Is a Bedrug Liner for Heavy Work?

Answer: Not really. You can use it when hauling smooth heavy objects, but using it to haul gravel, or rough-cut firewood, will destroy the top layer of the liner.

Best Toyota Tundra Bed Mats: Which One Should I Buy?

Out of all bed mats in this article, you will be best served by the WeatherTech or OEM Toyota options. WeatherTech is well known for making extremely durable and high-quality products, and the OEM Toyota mats have a reputation for durability and longevity.

Between the two, however, you may want to choose the Toyota brand mats. They are not as heavy as WeatherTech mats, but they are better overall for those on a budget.

02/18/2024 05:21 pm GMT

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