2003 Ford F150 Guide

2003 Ford F150 Guide

Ford F150 was introduced in 1975 between F100 and F250. The F150 uses an aluminum alloy to prevent corrosion. In 2018 Ford launched its power stroke engine, which was three years later canceled because of the increasing demand for Ecoboost V6 engines that use unleaded gasoline. Ford has the 14th generation, the latest right now.

Ford discontinued the power stroke engine because with great power comes great responsibility, and this one needed to be a reliable engine. But reliability directly connects to maintenance, and diesel engines could ask for a lot more attention than a simple EcoBoost gasoline engine. Hence, the engine was canceled for good.

In this 2003 Ford F150 guide, we will go through every one of the trim levels accessible, and afterward, you can choose which one suits you the best. We will be taking a gander at certain viewpoints to ensure that you can get a distinct image of what you will get paid out of your money.

ford f150

2003 Ford F150 Specs

Ford F150 of 2003 has engine options of 5.4L V8, 4.6L V8, and 4.2L V6. Where 4.6L is the base engine, and the rest of the two are optional. This model comes with transmissions of 4-speed-automatic, 5-speed-automatic, and 5-speed-manual.

Some engines come with the option of bi-fuel system engines. This model of Ford F150 has both kinds of Drivetrains; Rear-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive. This model of Ford F150 has three official trim levels:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat

Although some options can also be added to official trim levels, like King Ranch can be added to Lariat, where STX can only be added to XL and XLT. You can further opt for packages like the fx4 and heritage edition.

2003 Ford F150 Variants/Trim Levels

2003 Ford F150 Trim Levels Engine Option Drivetrain Transmission
CNG 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (CNG) 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (LPG) 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (CNG) 5.4L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (LPG) 5.4L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.2L V6 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.2L V6 Rear-Wheel Drive 5-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.6L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.6L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 5-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD (Premium allowed) 5.4L V8 Rear-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.2L V6 All-Wheel Drive 5-Speed-Manual
Pickup 4WD 4.2L V6 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.6L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.6L V8 All-Wheel Drive 5-Speed-Manual
Pickup 4WD 5.4L V8 All-Wheel Drive 4-Speed-Automatic

2003 Ford F150 MPG

Ford F150 can give you 150,000 to 300,000 miles on average on one lifetime of the engine.

2003 Ford F150 trim levels Engine Option MPG City/Highway Transmission
CNG 5.4L V8 11/15 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (CNG) 5.4L V8 11/14 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 11/15 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (LPG) 5.4L V8 10/14 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 13/18 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (CNG) 5.4L V8 10/13 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 4WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 11/14 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (LPG) 5.4L V8 10/14 4-Speed-Automatic
Dual-Fuel 2WD (Reg) 5.4L V8 13/18 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.2L V6 14/19 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.2L V6 15/19 5-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.6L V8 14/19 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD 4.6L V8 14/18 5-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 2WD (Premium allowed) 5.4L V8 11/15 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.2L V6 15/18 5-Speed-Manual
Pickup 4WD 4.2L V6 14/17 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.6L V8 13/17 4-Speed-Automatic
Pickup 4WD 4.6L V8 13/17 5-Speed-Manual
Pickup 4WD 5.4L V8 12/16 4-Speed-Automatic

2003 Ford F150 Prices

In the market, Ford F150 has the lowest price of $19,125, while the most expensive F150 of model 2003 can be found at around $37,035. The price can vary with the change of trim level. XL will be found in the least price range, while the most expensive trim will be Lariat.

If you are looking for the most comfortable version in the Ford F150 series, the King Ranch and Harley Davidson editions are your go with the best interior with premium leather seats. The F150 of the 10th generation is much better than previous versions of the F150’s because of the commitment of Ford to its users and buyers about giving the best quality along with comfort.

The top-rated and maximum powertrain 5.4L Triton engine comes with two slightly different Ford Lightning and Harley Davidson models.

Over time the F150 has proven its worth in the United States due to its reliability and a lot of positive customer reviews. The Ford Lightning weighs 4600 pounds only. This model started with a hauling power of 8400 pounds and 360 horsepower.

The 2003 model of Ford F150 is one of the best years of all generations of F150. The Ford F150 is known for its inflexible performance throughout the generation. A cheap but well-maintained XL trim of Ford F150 could be a good choice for an average person if found under a reasonable deal.

2003 Ford F150 Accessories

When a car or any vehicle is introduced into the market that also comes with a lot of variety of each and every OEM and the variant with advanced features; similarly, the 2003 Ford F150 also has a lot of accessories available in the market, both offline and online.

2003 Ford F150 Bumper 

ford f150 bumper

There are a lot of choices to adjust your F150 according to your taste and need. You can find plenty of aftermarket rear and front bumpers online, whichever you are looking for.

People usually don’t apply aftermarkets to their vehicles. Still, the original structure of the F150 offered by the company lacks some general protection from branches and rocks and offers limited functions, which can be solved by using aftermarket options according to your need.

There are a few different styles to Ford F150 to go for:

  • Full-width bumpers
  • Stinger bumpers
  • Stock front bumpers
  • Bullbar bumpers

2003 Ford F150 Camping

ford f150 camping

Setting up camp is the most effective way to have a sluggish pace loosened up at the end of the week outside. With a 2003 Ford F150, you will have all the utility to make the setting up camp outing possible. There are a lot of aftermarket options that can assist with giving you a brilliant over-the-hill experience. The best options are those which are neither too costly nor excessively economic.

For a decent setup camp insight, you shouldn’t be checking out a lot of facilities as it invalidates the point of setting up camp. Despite that, assuming you need to have relaxation time, the setting up camp items are endless.

You can track down an old one for under $35,000 in a reasonable condition; changes upon the trim and choices can vary. Setting up camp in your Ford F-150 implies that you don’t need to pay for hotels, and you don’t need to bring a ton of stuff or invest energy in setting up your tent. Everything will be already set to go.

Regardless of whether you are exploring nature solo or need to bring a couple of companions, the F-150 is your ideal set-up camp ally for any outside experience.

2003 Ford F150 Roof Rack

ford f150 roof rack

You can put a rooftop rack on top to get greater utility out of your Ford F150. It will give you more space for setting up camp stuff, yet it will likewise furnish you with a spot to mount a tent or will give you space for cycling.

You can never turn out badly with a rooftop rack. This is the sort of venture that will consistently prove to be useful. Here is a site where you would have the option to observe the one you are searching for.

Best 2003 Ford F150 Replacement Parts

2003 Ford F150 Tires

ford f150 tires

From the company, you will get the all-season tires, and assuming you are going up north in snow-shrouded regions; you would require a bunch of snow tires. Assuming you need to have the best quality tires, it is ideal to get them from actual stores. Then again, assuming you are more disposed towards purchasing on the web, even though you will track down huge loads of choices, the quality is consistently unsure.

Assuming you need to purchase tires on the web, you can check a site here. They have a stunning fitment apparatus, which assists you with searching down the correct counterpart for your vehicle. You can undoubtedly search down the tires which you want for your Ford F150 here.

2003 Ford F150 Air Filters

2003 ford f150 guide air filters

There are many choices to browse; we have investigated various options and have shortlisted the best ones accessible. To start with, you need to decide what course you will take to change.

When looking for an air filter, you need to ensure that the filter is excellent. If you put a lower quality filter, you will begin encountering issues with your vehicle significantly earlier than anticipated. There is a wide range of air filters accessible on the lookout; the aftermarket anyway is the one that can give you the first-rate quality without any doubt.

There are various kinds of air filters accessible on the lookout; an ideal choice, anyway, ought to be the OEM air filter. Here is a link where you can search for OEM for your 2003 Ford F150 air filters on eBay.

2003 Ford F150 Headlights

2003 Ford F150 Headlights

In case you are hoping to overhaul the vibes of your F150, the most effective update would be the secondary selling headlights. There are a lot of headlights accessible in the market at various rates. You can see which ones suit you the best.

We have assessed two sorts of aftermarket headlights, which you can see in the following:

  • Angel eye Halo projector headlights
  • LED projector headlights

The quality and features of this headlight overrun features of the original one.

2003 Ford F150 Brake Pads


One of the main things in a vehicle is the brakes. Brakes speculation ought to be completed regularly – at each oil change. The assessment should ensure that all the brake lines are working fine, there is no brake fluid leak, the rotors are working, the brake cushions are not worn – so ensure that the brakes don’t have an issue.

Here is the most guaranteed site and has the best reviews for buying brake pads for Ford F150.

2003 Ford F150 Mods

2003 Ford F150 Lift Kits


One of the contrasts between night and day is the arrival of your Ford F150. The expansion of lifting gear gives more space above or more on the ground, permitting the bigger wheels to rub against the body of the vehicle.

To lift around 2 or 3 slimes without spending a lot of cash on hooks, you can add a seat for the handicapped that permits you to convey two slimes effortlessly. You can add an adapter in the center to separate your wheels to make your 2003 Ford F150 surprisingly better. It additionally has industrially accessible lift hardware that can obtain around 3 inches.

For a 2003 Ford F150 2WD, Bilstein Stocks which are easily available on Amazon, are the best option.

2003 Ford F150 Maintenance Schedule

To guarantee that your 2003 Ford F150 stays looking extraordinary with the least issues, you want to complete devoted regular check-up sessions. The motor can last countless miles assuming that legitimate support isn’t awful. Then again, assuming upkeep isn’t completed, then, at that point, the motor won’t stay sound, and you will encounter issues.

To ensure everything works and continues to work, you must follow the standard maintenance schedule set for the vehicle. Make sure that the oil is changed, the brakes are working fine, the tires are looking incredible, and any remaining things are dealt with at whatever point scheduled.

If a vehicle not taken care of is found abandoned, you will see it in the rawest condition, torn up from front to rear and inside out. Assuming that you are not precisely maintaining, it is time to have everything dealt with on schedule. An essential excursion can turn into a bad dream if you miss a regular check-up. Your 2003 Ford F150 won’t set you back a great deal on regular check-ups.

Miles Maintenance Schedule
After every 3,000 miles
  • Replace oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Use wd 40 sprays to prevent the frame from corrosion
  • Tire rotation
After every 15,000 miles
  • Tire rotation
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • Front axle lubrication inspection
After every 30,000 miles
  • Transmission oil replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspect the fuel pump
After every 60,000 miles
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspect the PVC system
  • Inspect Spark plugs
  • After 60,000 miles timing belt should be inspected and replaced if required.
After every 100,000 miles
  • 100,000-mile Coolant replacement, it is better to change this coolant to around 50,000 as it can accumulate debris which can clog the whole system
  • Axle oil, this oil is said to last as long as the vehicle lasts, but it is best to replace it at a 100k mile mark
  • Transmission Oil
  • Inspect all the electronics
  • Check for any code and see if there is any misfire
  • Tire rotation

2003 Ford F150 Recalls


2003 Ford F150 Courtesy Lights

In the 2003 Ford F150, the courtesy lights had a chance of causing a fire or melting the circuit board. If the wiring harness exhibited itself to extreme humidity, units of courtesy lights could overheat themselves, resulting in the fire or meltdown of the board, as mentioned before.

Dealers will change the wiring of the circuit board free of cost. This recall began in March 2003. It is further instructed that if you face any problem regarding getting service against this recall, you can contact on 1-800-745-6096.

2003 Ford F150 Common Problems

Will the 2003 Ford F150 not go into 4×4?

Ford has received many complaints about the electric 4×4 switch which does not work on 4×4 hi but works like a charm on 4×4 low. Experts suggest that this problem could be overcome by replacing the IWE solenoid, which might not take more than 5-6 minutes.

2003 Ford F150 lug pattern

The lug pattern of the 2003 Ford F150 is aS6x135mm or aS6x5. Each lug nut is 4.5 inches. The standard wheel size of your vehicle is 18 inches. If you wish to add new trim to your vehicle, you should keep in mind this pattern so you will not be facing any problems.

Ford has received many complaints about distortion and swelling of lug nuts because of the use of bi-elemental lug nuts instead of pure steel, for which suits have been filed against Ford. Yet, there is no recall of this problem.

2003 Ford F150 towing power

The 2003 Ford F150 is one of the best trailer towing trucks of all Ford trucks. With a towing capacity of 7,700-8,000 pounds and torque of 293-foot pounds, it can haul any vehicle within this range without any worry. The 2003 model year of Ford F150 has a maximum payload capacity of 1,460 – 1,660 pounds, and the tongue weighs about 770 – 800 pounds.

2003 Ford F150 won’t start

There could be many reasons your engine won’t start, and it is a prevalent problem in low-temperature areas. The first reason could be a failed starter which could be repaired or replaced easily by a trusted dealer. If the starter is working fine, it could be an alternator problem or a dead battery issue.

salon ford f150

2003 Ford F150 Resale Value

The lowest price available for the 2003 Ford F150 on Autotrader is around $3,900 to $8,560, which is a lot more than average in this category. These prices sound more reasonable than any other salvage titles, so always go for the clean titles.

Keeping in mind that the time gap is about two decades, quality change or the effect of time would have affected this model globally. Prices of vehicles can also vary by the change of trim level or any additional accessories.

Ford F150 is a perfect vehicle for a family person because of its sizeable accommodative room in the cab. In good condition, it provides a smooth ride with its up-to-the-mark mileage.

2003 Ford F150 Competitors

Following are some of the competitors of the Ford F150 in case you want to know the alternatives of your vehicle:

  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra
  • Nissan Titan
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Ram 1500

F150 with higher hauling capacity and more powertrains beats Silverado 1500 while Sierra 1500 beats F150 with 20 more hp than F150. Nissan Titan provides a little higher payload than F150’s, but there is a bit of a calamity that Titan offers less inner space than F150’s. However, the fronts and rears of both trucks are almost identical.

Toyota Tundra beats Ford F150 from a single point in the rating chart of reliability where Tundra comes on 6th while F150 is on 7th out of 17. In the war of F150 and RAM 1500 when it comes to choosing a reliable vehicle between both of them, F150 is the best option so far.

chevrolet silverado

2003 Ford F150 FAQs

Question: How Much A 2003 Ford F150 is Worth

Answer: In the market, Ford F150 has the lowest price of $19,125, while the most expensive F150 of model 2003 can be found at around $37,035. The price can vary with the change of trim level. XL will be found in the least range of price while the most expensive trim will be Lariat.

Question: Does the 2003 Ford F150 come in Front Wheel Drive Or Rear Wheel Drive?

Answer: The Ford F150 has various models, some of which are accessible in 4-wheel drive, yet the rear drive is generally standard. Front-wheel drive is better for use in snowy areas because of the placement of the engine at front tires so the vehicle will maintain track even on snowy roads.

Question: Which 2003 Ford F150 Engine Is Best?

Answer: The 4.6L V8 engine is considered to be the best till now. It is one of the most competent towing engines that never stop stunning the local areas even today. Considering how old these vehicles are, the costs are likewise not that high like the ones that latest models have.

Final Thoughts

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of choices accessible in the market that are extremely encouraging, the 2003 F150, notwithstanding, is the most ideal choice as far as reliability, quality, and holding esteem is concerned, which makes it one of the least expensive models of the market holding its attributes to this day.

If we somehow happened to discuss its rough terrain value, then, at that point, it’s no question this is probably the most ideal choice to consider. The Ford F150 has been mainly recognized for its qualities and features, even in the latest generations.

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