Best Jeep Gladiator Replacement Hoods

Are you looking for a replacement hood for your Jeep Gladiator, but aren’t sure which replacement would be the best fit for your Jeep?

There are so many different replacement hoods on the market, it can be truly overwhelming trying to decide which option would be the best for your pride and joy. Since you’re the owner of a Jeep Gladiator, you also may have discovered the surprisingly sparse amount of guides that show you the best Jeep Gladiator replacement hoods on the market.

Don’t worry any longer, I’m here to help you! I’ve sorted through all of the absolute best Jeep Gladiator replacement hoods on the market. This way, the only thing you have to take into consideration is which of my suggestions you’re going to purchase. So, if you’re looking to learn about how to buy a high-quality replacement hood and who to buy from, keep on reading!

Qualities Of Best Replacement Hoods

The choice of products in this list is not based on abstract assumptions. They are choices from serious considerations and evaluations. So, what are the criteria for choosing these three hoods as the best for your Jeep Gladiator? Let’s find out below:

The durability of their material

The dream of everyone is to get a high value for their money. And the only way to ensure that you achieve this is by getting durable and long-lasting products. The durability of materials used in the jeep gladiators on this list is of high and commendable quality. 

Effective engine ventilation 

There is no point in getting a Jeep Gladiator that will compromise the ventilation of your engine. Poor engine ventilation will cause more harm to your 4×4 vehicle than good. So, this list only contains Jeep Gladiators that will not compromise the functionality of your engine. 


Flexibility is one of the primary features of a quality product. You might not have to purchase a new Jeep Gladiator each time you change your vehicle with the products on this list. They are compatible with all, not some, of Jeep Gladiator JT models. 

General aesthetics 

Also, we took an in-depth evaluation of the general aesthetics of each product on this list. The aesthetics are certified to meet your needs and demands. 


You don’t have to break the bank because you intend to get a Jeep Gladiator. So, this list only contains products that offer a high value for money. They might not be the cheapest products, but they certainly worth the cost. 

Best Jeep Gladiator Replacement Hoods

It would be easier to make an informed decision of your preferred hood at the end of this article. Let’s dive right into helping you identify the best replacement hood for your Jeep gladiator. 

Jeep Gladiator Hoods

The Jeep division made the Jeep Gladiator of Stellantis North America. As a pickup up truck that it is, the vehicle generally comes in different makes. These varieties make it have several options for hood replacement. The types of the Jeep Gladiator popular in the market include: 

  • Launch Edition
  • Altitude
  • Mojave 
  • Overland
  • Rubicon
  • Sport
  • Sport S 

Consequently, whatever type of Jeep Gladiator you use, you have about seven options to pick from in choosing a replacement hood. For example, as a Jeep Gladiator Mojave owner, you can choose to use a Rubicon hood to replace your current hood. 

The materials used for these hoods differ and vary based on the manufacturer’s discretion. And you, as a car owner, determine which one you find most comfortable for you to use with your car. 

So, among these 7 Jeep Gladiator hood types, there a few of them that the market reckons to have fared well. And this is because of the great features that they possess. We could as well call them the best replacement hoods for the Jeep Gladiator. 

Best Jeep Gladiator Hoods

  • DV8 Offroad Rubicon Replica Hood
  • Unleash Series Hood with Functional Air Vents
  • RedRock 4×4 Avenger Heat Dispersion Hood

1. Dv8 Offroad Rubicon Replica Hood

You should consider getting this hood because it does not only have unique features. The essential quality of the hood is found in the work it does. The styling, for instance, shows ruggedness. It is a clear picture of the amount of driving blows that the hood can withstand. It was built to be a worthy accompaniment to the heavy-duty of the Jeep Gladiator as a pickup truck. 


What makes this DV8 Offroad Rubicon Replica Hood one of the best for your Jeep Gladiator? Well, here are some of the features it possesses:

  • A replica of the Rubicon Hood
  • An Insulation Liner comes with the package, located under the hood. 
  • Hassle-free installation. Direct bolt-on fitting. 
  • Uses OEM Latch and Hinges
  • Furnished with insertions to corroborate airflow
  • Made with steel
  • It comes unpainted when shipped
  • Compatible with all 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT models

The DV8 Offroad Rubicon Replica Hood will change the game for your car. It adds the fierce look spice of the Rubicon to your gladiator. And it does this while seamlessly mirroring a Rubicon hood with its trademarked powerful and fine lines. So, with this, your car experiences a natural upgrade in its look. The hood fits perfectly on any 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT. 

Further, the hood is an emblem of strength and durability. These features are mainly due to the material used in its construction. It was made from stamped steel and given an e-coat finish to repel rust and corrosion during shipping. 

Hence, standing the test of time was one of the primary considerations. And this is what every car owner wants. This durability qualifies the DV8 Offroad Rubicon Replica hood as one of the best Jeep Gladiator hoods. 

For its installation, it makes use of OEM latches and hinges on your hood. This hood serves as a perfect replacement for the factory hood that your car came with initially. Since it is unpainted, it allows you a wide range of flexibility with its customization in painting.

Hence, the hood would need prep, primer, and paint before the installation is done. The installation of this hood averages less than one hour based on past reviews. And the expertise required for the setup is not a heavy one. A person with relatively light mechanical skills can get the installation done since it is direct fitting. 


  • Ease of Installation
  • Great Aesthetics
  • The durability of the hood 
  • Perfect fitting


  • Painting may take extra cost and time.

2. Unleash Series Hood with Functional Air Vents

When you are thinking of getting a replacement hood for your Jeep Gladiator, these are some features for you to consider. And most car owners find them very alluring. And that is basically because the Unleash Series Hood with Functional Air Vents is a clear example of what a car appearance upgrader looks like. With it being fitted on the vehicle, it discernibly lifts the face of the car alongside its general aesthetics. 


This hood has also made its mark in the Jeep Gladiator market. This reputation is also primarily due to the impressive features it bears, which car owners have found to be helpful in their everyday driving. 

  • Remarkable vented-style 
  • Possesses significant vents for superb heat passage
  • Furnished with attachments to support the free flow of air 
  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel 
  • It comes with an unfinished surface for easy customization
  • Designed to replace the OEM hood perfectly
  • Unpainted when shipped
  • Compatible with all 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT models

Often, this hood is referred to as a “high-performance hood.” The reasons for this are not far-fetched. The Unleash Series hood possesses a profound heat management system in the way it was constructed. This design helps to ascertain a seamless airflow within the engine area.

The hood has an open-air scoop system with a ventilator alongside letting out trapped heat in the engine. Another reason the hood is named high performance is its ability to withstand very rough driving conditions. This hood is perfect for undulating terrains. If you want to haul something across town, the Unleash Series Hood gets this job done. 

The Unleash Series Hood with Functional Air Vents was made with pure steel for a reason. It signifies the durability of the hood. It lasts the beat and blow of the elements. Hence, the hood being made with heavy steel gives you leverage. 

The leverage lies in how hard it is to notice wear and tear on the hood after driving through difficult roads and performing heavy duties with the truck. Needless to say, that this hood was made to handle aggressive applications. 

Despite this heavy steel make of the Unleash Series Hood with Functional Air Vents, it is still effortless to fix on your Jeep gladiator. It has a bolt-on design which makes installation hassle-free. The fitting is so direct that it makes the hood entirely replace your OEM hood without needing any modifications. How lovely is that? This hood is made perfectly for all 2020/2021 Jeep Gladiator JT models. 


  • The durability of the hood 
  • Perfect fitting
  • Ease of Installation
  • Great Aesthetics


  • The extra cost of expert painting and installation

3. Redrock 4×4 Avenger Heat Dispersion Hood

 When you think of this replacement hood for your Jeep Gladiator, let style and efficiency come to mind because this is what the hood represents. The type of hood gives an ultimate look and feel to your gladiator. 


 Here are some of the features of this hood that make it stand out in the market to owners of Jeep Gladiator like you. 

  • An aggressive look of its design
  • Functional vents for efficient heat expulsion
  • Constructed from stamped steel
  • Direct Fit, Bolt-on Replacement
  • It makes us of OEM Latch and Hinges
  • Unpainted when shipped; has Black E-coat Finish
  • Is compatible with 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT Models

 The hood is called avenger to showcase the predominant design style it carries. The aggressive and fierce look helps to add some spice to your gladiator’s styling. The hood has well cut-out lines that give it its shape and look.

Not only so, but it also possesses dual extractor vents. The two vents are located at two sides of the car; the driver’s side and the passengers. The vents help to monitor and promote unrestricted airflow both into the engine bay and out of it. 

 These louvered airflow system helps to release trapped heat in the engine area, which regulates the temperature and airflow. This feature qualifies RedRock 4×4 Avenger Hood as an excellent replacement for your Jeep Gladiator hoods.

 It is interesting to note that the RedRock 4×4 Avenger Hood was designed from the actual OEM data from Jeep. Hence, its design made it fit perfectly onto your Jeep Gladiator. The hood is manufactured from stamped steel as well. 

 This feature means that it has assured durability compared to other materials used to produce other hoods, such as fiberglass and aluminum. The steel infuses it with the needed strength and ascertained durability. Furthermore, the hood was coated in an e-coat finish to keep it away from corroding and rusting during shipping. All these, in the bid to retain the integrity of the quality of this hood. 

 The installation of this hood is easy-peasy. The needed mechanical knowledge for the installer is basic. In so far as you can handle a screw and jack, you can install the hood. You could use the services of a professional auto mechanic. And the time it takes to get this installation and fitting done in less than an hour. So, the hood is both knowledge and time-efficient. 

 Do not forget, however, that the RedRock 4×4 Avenger hood is unpainted at shipping. Thus, you could paint it to your taste and liking. The hood will need a prep, primer, and paint before its installation. Some car owners install the hood before they paint. 

While that can be thrilling, it is not always advisable. The reason is that it may make the hood look odd from other parts of the car. The painting also helps to give extra coating and preservation for the long run. Also, importantly, it is recommended that a test-fitting of this hood is done before it is painted.  


  • Ease of Installation
  • Great Aesthetics
  • The durability of the hood 
  • Perfect fitting


  • The extra cost of prepping, priming, and painting. 

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Where can I get these replacement hoods?

Answer: Replacement hoods for your Jeep Gladiator can be purchased online on several trusted platforms such as eBay, Walmart, and other trusted websites such as ExtremeTerrain. 

Who are the leading manufacturers of replacement hoods for Jeep Gladiator?

Answer: There are several manufacturers. However, some famous names include RedRock 4×4 and the Jeep brand itself. 

Question: Which material is best for a Jeep Gladiator hood?

Answer: Materials used for the Jeep Gladiator hood by manufacturers include steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. But the best advice is still steel because of its strength and durability. 

Question: What is the recommended life span of a replacement hood?

Answer: The life span of your Jeep Gladiator’s replacement hoods averages 9-10 years. It can remain at a top-performing level throughout this period, as long as you ensure proper maintenance. 


Finding a replacement hood is good. But finding the best replacement hood for your vehicle is better. The same goes for the Jeep Gladiator. It would be best if you always were on the lookout for how the hood will look on your car and how your car’s functionality would be affected by the hood.

If the hood is not well vented, that is trouble for the engine. If it is not made from solid material like steel, that also could cost you more in buying unnecessary new hoods. Quality supersedes aesthetics when thinking of car parts replacements.

This article offers you enough information about the quality and esthetics of the best replacement hoods for your Jeep Gladiator in the market. As a Gladiator owner, you can now make a better and informed decision to purchase new swap hoods. Not only would you be glad at the beauty your car has become, but you would also be impressed at the functionality. Your car will thank you for that. 

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