1999 Toyota Tacoma Guide

1999 Toyota Tacoma Guide

At first sight, you can think the 1999 Toyota Tacoma is a 4×4 truck. The off-road suspension and aggressive sporty exterior seem a lot like what we have in 4WD trucks. However, these 2WD trucks are loaded with a lesser powerful engine than 4WD models, which are more reliable and durable than the former.

However, upon more profound research, I found that Toyota also had a 4WD truck among the 1999 Toyota Tacoma portfolio, the Limited Xtracab trim level. We’ll see to that shortly.

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is among the first-generation Toyota Tacoma pickups produced between 1995 and 2004.

In this 1999 Toyota Tacoma Guide, we’ll have an in-depth review of the truck and its specs, which will give you an excellent reason to purchase the model with your hard-earned money.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Specs

tacoma Specs

We have five (5) trim levels on the 1999 Toyota Tacoma. These are the;

  • Base

  • PreRunner

  • Xtracab

  • PreRunner Xtracab

  • Limited Xtracab

It’s essential to compare the trim levels to make sure that you don’t overpay for the features you’re not using.

First, all trims rocked the 2WD option. The Tacoma Base trim had the least specs when it came to output, and it had a 2.4L Gasoline l4 engine with an output of 142.0 hp. It is a 2WD, 2-door, and 2-seat truck.

All the other four trim levels came with V6 engines with considerably higher engine capacities and power output than the Base trim.

The Limited Xtracab was the most advanced trim level among all five. It was a 4WD and came with four seats and two doors. It was also loaded with a 3.4L V6 engine, resulting in 190.0hp power output. Its output-intensive features made the trim the most expensive among the trim levels.

1999 Toyota Tacoma MPG


The 1999 Toyota Tacoma fuel economy of its l4 engines is estimated to be about 27mpg on highways and 22mpg in the city. The larger V6 from the Limited Xtracab gives around 20mpg in highways and 17mpg in the city.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Prices

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is a competitive truck when it comes to prices. That shows that it pretty much stands out in terms of specs and market value. Many retail stores put the 1999 Toyota Tacoma above the $13,000 mark, with variations brought about by the trim levels.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is a pretty reliable truck for towing. If you desire to go on a trip and need to tow a trailer, the 1999 Tacoma has got you covered. However, the towing capacities of the Toyota Tacoma are applicable only when you’re cruising at altitudes below 1,000m above sea level.

The estimated maximum tow weight of the 1999 Toyota Tacoma is 3500-5000lbs. The 3,500lbs is from the base trim, while the higher 5.000lbs is from the Limited Xtracab trim level.

However, the maximum towing capacity will also depend on the braking capacity of the attached trailer.

Best 1999 Toyota Tacoma Accessories

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is more than a truck! It is a masterpiece with preserving and is more than compatible with several aftermarket accessories to make your fairytale customization a dream come true. Also, customization improves the truck’s performance from its factory components’ primary performance.

Having that in mind, who wouldn’t want an upgrade in parts on their 1999 Toyota Tacoma? And yes, owning a Toyota exposes you to the most prominent aftermarket accessory among all car brands.

Here are some of the best accessories that will make your 1999 Tacoma ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats

floor mats

Floor mats are one of the most underrated components in car cabins, but they are instrumental in several ways. Not only are floor mats good for aesthetic reasons, but they also hold up liquids that might have accidentally spilled to the truck’s floor and corroded it. For that reason, you need a good floor mat for your 1999 Toyota Tacoma.

Check out here for some of the best Toyota Tacoma floor mats.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Seat Covers

seat covers

Your Toyota Tacoma seats are the most abused parts of your truck. Think of it like this; every time you get in and out of your car, spill a drink. Your seat takes all that in, and you should take care of it by installing new seat covers when the present ones wear.

You can also replace your seat cover to add some cabin storage space. Are you wondering where to put your bottled water while off-roading in the wild? Some seat covers come with extra ‘pockets’ to the sides. Check out here for exciting offers on Toyota Tacoma seat covers.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Roof Racks

roof racks

Do you wish to increase the storage capacity of your 1999 Toyota Tacoma? You probably have every reason to upgrade your rack to a more innovative and appealing structure. If you’d wish to have one, then kindly check out here for exciting offers on the same.

Best 1999 Toyota Tacoma Replacement Parts

The Toyota brand edges others in terms of the availability of replacement parts. The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is not off the grid either! There are a plethora of replacement parts for the Toyota Tacoma out there.

One good thing about replacement parts is that you have the freedom to get customized parts for your car/truck. If you’re in for some customization, then here are some of the best replacement parts for the 1999 Toyota Tacoma.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Tires


Do you want to roll in some brand new feet? You can replace your existing 1999 Toyota Tacoma with new aftermarket tires. Yes, you might need to go on some off-road activities, and your present tires can’t make it. Maybe you’re interested in some aggressively-treaded tires or a set of silent-rolling wheels.

Check out here for reasonable offers on tires that are compatible with your 1999 Toyota Tacoma. I would recommend the Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack if you need a set of quiet tires. Read more about them here.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Air Filters

You need to take care of your engine. One way to do so is by regularly changing your engine air filters. Air filters are responsible for trapping dust particles that might find their way into the engine block.

With time, these air filters get worn out from trapping excessive dust particles and will need replacement before they become less effective and endanger your engine.

There are several outlets where you can find quality replacements for your filters. Check here for some of the most amazing offers on 1999 Toyota Tacoma air filter replacements.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Headlights


Your headlights will never be as bright or stylish as you wish they were. You’ll need upgrades or tweaks, at least, to improve on aesthetic or performance. If you’d love to treat your 1999 Toyota Tacoma to a nice set of headlights, then check here for some exciting deals.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Brake Pads

brake pads

Brake pads are the most crucial regular wear items/parts in every car. You will mainly use the Toyota Tacoma to tow along trailers or in off-roading, both of which are braking-intensive exercises. You’ll, therefore, find yourself replacing your brake pads frequently.

Brake pads are all over the automobile markets, and you only have to find those that are compatible with your wheels. Again, you need customized brake pads that won’t wear frequently. For deals on the 1999 Toyota Tacoma Brake Pad replacement, check here.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Mods

Do you want to give your 1999 Toyota Tacoma a new look? Well, if yes, there are several modification ideas, like the addition of sports seats, your favorite body kits, or even a spoiler. A spoiler? I don’t know about that too.

However, before you perform modifications to your truck, you need to check with your insurance provider to see if they approve of the decision on parts.

There are too many ideas on modifying your Toyota; you only have to be creative.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits

lift kits

Have you thought of lifting your 1999 Toyota Tacoma to give it a new look? Lifting your truck has several advantages, the obvious being increasing ground clearance to evade obstacles when cruising. Moreover, raising your vehicle will increase its off-roading capabilities and pave the way for larger custom-made wheels.

You’ll need a lift kit to perform an efficient lift on your 1999 Toyota Tacoma. A lift kit is an assortment of the necessary tools and accessories you need for the exercise. A quality lift kit has front components to facilitate the raise, rear elements, and shocks.

NB: Lifting your car is a delicate process, and therefore, you should only let it be done by a professional.

Here’s a good 1999 Toyota Tacoma lift kit.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Maintenance Schedule

The least you can do to your 1999 Toyota Tacoma to ensure longevity is to observe its maintenance schedule. Why should you let wear in your engine or braking system bother you or make you incur extra unwanted costs?

Toyota Tacoma indicates the specific duration between which you need maintenance checks on the user manual. Kindly observe that!

1999 Toyota Tacoma Recalls

A recall is a notice issued by a car manufacturer when they notice a defect in the car. If the fault is left unattended, it might lead to unnecessary risks or loss of lives in the worst-case scenario.

Toyota has made several recalls for the 1999 Tacoma; six up to date. Here’s a list.

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Date: 2009/02/11

  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 09E025000
  • Summary: Dope INC recalled 42,540 bumper-lamp and corner assemblies sold as aftermarket materials for different passenger vehicles. The headlamps didn’t have required amber side reflectors.
  • Consequences: The condition decreased lighting visibility and could result in crashes.
  • Remedy: Dope INC notified owners and offered a full refund of the affected parts/part combinations.
  • Affected Components: Headlights.

Date: 2009/04/07

  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 09E012000
  • Summary: Sabersport recalled 16,270 corner and bumper lamp combination assemblies of aftermarket equipment for passenger vehicles. They didn’t possess the required amber side reflectors.
  • Consequences: The condition decreased lighting visibility and could result in crashes.
  • Remedy: Sabersport notified owners and offered a full refund of the affected parts.
  • Components Affected: Exterior Lighting

Date: 2006/06/05

  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 06E049000
  • Summary: Some combination lambs in the Tacoma amber side reflectors.
  • Consequences: Vehicles that didn’t have amber reflectors were poorly illuminated, something that could lead to a car crash.
  • Remedy: CK Motorsport notified owners and replaced the non-conforming lamps.
  • Component Affected: Exterior lighting.

Date: 2006/03/23

  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 06E026000
  • Summary: Some PRO-A Motors corner lamps, headlights, and turn signals didn’t have amber side reflectors.
  • Consequences: Vehicles that didn’t have the amber reflectors were poorly illuminated, a situation that could lead to a potential car crash.
  • Remedy: Pro A Motors notified those who purchased the lamps for a full refund or replacement.
  • Component affected: Exterior lighting.

Date: 2001/08/09


  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 01E41000
  • Summary: Several dealers recalled trailer towing wire converters on 1999/2000 Toyota Tundras/Tacomas. The connectors are integrated with a vehicle’s brake light, tail light, and turn signal.
  • Consequences: The affected parts could lead to a short or open circuit problem of the trailer or vehicle pulling the trailer. Driving without a trailer light is extremely dangerous.
  • Remedy: The dealers notified the customer and installed a free redesigned wire harness.
  • Components affected: Trailer hitch lights (Exterior lights)

Date: 1999/11/10

  • NHTSA Campaign ID: 98V277000
  • Summary: The Toyota light-duty trucks and sports utility vehicles supplied by Prime Wheel Corporation had a lug nut defect that could lead to the loss of lug nuts.
  • Consequences: The loss of nuts could lead to loss of control, increasing crash risk.
  • Remedy: The dealers replaced the affected wheel nuts and performed a complimentary wheel rotation after the repair.
  • Components affected: Lugs/Nuts/Bolts

1999 Toyota Tacoma Common Problems

tacoma issue

Here are some common problems faced by the 1999 Toyota Tacoma;

  • Incorrect A/T shift at high mileages.
  • Backfiring engine and rough idle with ‘Check Engine’ light.
  • Bad Airflow meter triggered the ‘Check Engine’ light.
  • Idle air control motors are carboned up at 100,000 miles.
  • The throttle position sensor falls out of position due to wear.
  • Loud rattling sound from the engine.
  • Leaking of the pink coolant in the reservoir.

If you experience any of these problems, kindly have a professional check the issue and advise you on how to act accordingly.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Resale value

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is quite an impressive truck, with loads of tweaks and features. The car stands the test of time without sacrificing quality, and that feature gives the 1999 Toyota Tacoma a good resale value in recent times.

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma resales at $6,988-10,999 from cargurus.com.


Question: What problems does the 1999 Toyota Tacoma have?

Answer: A lot of people who drive the 1999 Toyota Tacoma notice that the lower ball joint wears out prematurely. So, they end up developing problems with the front suspension, making the Tacoma a lot harder to steer.

Question: How many miles per gallon does 1999 Toyota Tacoma get?

Answer: On average, the 1999 Toyota Tacoma gets 22 gallons city driving and 27 gallons highway driving.

Question: How much horsepower does the 1999 Toyota Tacoma have?

Answer: It has between 142 to 190 HP.


If you’re looking into a powerful 4X4 truck, look no further than the 1999 Toyota Tacoma. This truck will last you a long way past 300,00 miles. If you want to make sure you’re investing a truck that’s going to work just as hard as you do, this is the best 4×4 truck for you.

Are you interested in looking into other 4×4 models? Check out the rest of our website to find more info!

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